Food Sensitivity Testing


We are pleased to present to our clients optimal wellness through customized nutrition using  ALCAT  functional methodology tests.

Food sensitivity testing and dietary modification is increasingly recognized by researchers, clinicians and other health care providers as a viable treatment modality for a number of chronic health problems. Chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions, ranging from skin problems like eczema and psoriasis to IBS, Crohn’s, and celiac disease, as well as many auto-immune diseases, respond to avoidance of specifically identified food sensitivities/intolerances.

The ALCAT Test results are presented  in an easy to understand, color-coded format identifying the foods which are non-reactive or "safe" foods by putting them in the green section of the results and organizing them by food groups. Included also is a customized 4-Day rotation plan. A free ALCAT Test Results booklet is included with every test, which explains the format of your test results and rotaton plan. The booklet provides a glossary of terms that will make interpreting your results much easier. A complimentary wallet size results card is also included.

MedStat Food Sensitivity Testing Products

Product   Price
50 Food Panel  
Orig.: $250.00
Sale: $225.00
100 Food Panel Plus (includes 50 Food Panel)  
Orig.: $350.00
Sale: $315.00
150 Food Panel Plus (includes 100 Food panel)  
Orig.: $475.00
Sale: $430.00
200 Food Panel (includes 150 Food Panel Plus)  
Orig.: $595.00
Sale: $535.00
20 Food Additives /Colorings  
Orig.: $198.00
Sale: $190.00
20 Molds  
Orig.: $198.00
Sale: $188.00
10 Environmental Chemicals  
Orig.: $99.00
Sale: $95.00
50 Functional Food & Medicinal Herbs  
Orig.: $249.00
Sale: $225.00
50 Female Herbs  
Orig.: $249.00
Sale: $225.00
40 Male Herbs  
Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $189.00
Comprehensive Wellness I  
Orig.: $850.00
Sale: $765.00
Comprehensive Wellness 2  
Orig.: $750.00
Sale: $675.00
Comprehensive Wellness 3  
Orig.: $675.00
Sale: $610.00
Comprehensive Wellness 4  
Orig.: $575.00
Sale: $520.00
Comprehensive Wellness 5  
Orig.: $525.00
Sale: $500.00
Comprehensive Wellness 6  
Orig.: $425.00
Sale: $400.00
Pediatric Wellness  
Orig.: $275.00
Sale: $250.00
Herbal Wellness 1  
Orig.: $875.00
Sale: $790.00
Herbal Wellness 2  
Orig.: $725.00
Sale: $655.00
Platinum Comprehensive  
Orig.: $1,099.00
Sale: $990.00

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