1.   How do I order a wellness test panel?     You may submit and pay for your Order on this website.  Once submitted, it automatically emails to our Order entry department. Once we have processed your Order, we will call you back with your necessary details.   Or you may Call us at  1-800-808-6511.  Due to the volume of calls, you will be asked to leave your name and daytime telephone number so that we may call you back and provide one-on-one personalized service to fulfill your lab request and answer any additional questions you may have.

 2.   Do I have to fast for the lab work?  It is highly recommended that you fast for 10-12 hrs prior to your blood draw.  However, we  also recommend that you drink plenty of water prior to your blood draw to remain hydrated. 

 3.   Do I need to take my medications before my blood draw?   Never deviate from your Physican`s orders on your medications.   If you have a problem fasting due to a health condition, fasting should be at your discretion.
4.   Where do I go to have my labs drawn?   MEDSTAT will advise you at the time your Order is processed of the hours of operation and the nearest lab location to your home or business.  You will be sent to a QUEST DIAGNOSTICS Patient Service Center in your state.  Normally there is no appointment necessary.  You simply go to the lab at your convenience during normal business hours.  When you arrive, just give them give them your name, your order will have been sent to them by fax.
5.   How do I pay for these tests?  You may order online or you may call us. Payment must be made prior to your lab visit.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal credit cards.    
6.   Do I have to use a QUEST DIAGNOSTICS PSC to have my blood drawn? YES. 
7.  Can I go to a different lab? NO, because QUEST DIAGNOSTICS is the MEDSTAT contracted lab.  Orders will only be processed for the labs drawn at QUEST DIAGNOSTICS.
8.  How do I receive my lab results?   It`s up to you.  When the tests results are ready, (usually within 48 hours), we can e-mail, US mail  or fax your tests results.   We can also forward a copy of your results to your Physician if you wish.  If you desire to have your results faxed to anyone other than your personal Physcian, we may have you sign a HIPPA release form to fulfill your request. (see HIPPA Compliance tab)
9.  Some of my test results are out of range, what should I do?   Always consult your Physician when you see any abnormal or out-of-range results. 
10.   What if I want to order other tests which are not in the wellness panels or listed as single tests?  We offer literally hundreds of tests which are available to you.  We ask that you call us and let us know the name of the test. 
11.  How often can I order lab work?   You are free to order any lab test to monitor your health on a weekly basis if needed.   Now you have the option to be pro-active about your health.  
12.  Something has come up and I can`t get to the Patient Service Center right away. How long is my order good?  Your order is good for 3 months from the date of purchase.   Call MEDSTAT and we can reactivate your order if it is beyond the 3 month window.
 13.  What if I had my labs done, and I realized I missed a test (s) that I wanted performed? If you call MEDSTAT within 3 days from your initial draw date, we can usually add the test(s) on to your original Order if QUEST DIAGNOSTICS has not discarded the specimen and/or if the required tubes were drawn and sufficient volume requirements are still intact. Otherwise you will have to place a new Order for the test, and be redrawn.  (an additional draw fee will be required)
14.  Does the lab testing also include imaging for MRI`s or surgical pathology?  No, it does not.  

15.  Do you have a refund policy?  If you wish to cancel your order prior to going to the Patient Service Center for your blood draw, we will be happy to refund your payment by check less a $28.00 restocking fee.  

16..  What if QUEST DIAGNOSTICS cannot find my Order or my name because their computer system is down? Please call MEDSTAT and we will immediately fax over your order to them again.

 MEDSTAT Clinical Laboratory Services,  Wylie, Tx 75098   Ph:  800-808-6511  Fax 800-621-0883